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Esports is a highly competitive world, and staying ahead of the game requires constant evolution. NASR Esports knew this all too well, but felt disconnected from its online presence. See how Growl refreshed their brand with an aggressive growth strategy.
Waterford FYI Reinvented: New Look, New URL, Same Local Focus. We've rebranded Waterford FYI to provide a more engaging and impactful experience. Check out our new look and easy-to-remember Irish URL (, and continue to stay informed about everything happening in our Waterford community.
A Milestone in Irish Heritage: Marking 175 years of the Irish tricolour, an emblem that unites its past, present, and future under a banner of harmony and freedom.
Discover the Power of Imagination: Unleashing Waterford's Creative Essence. Learn about the transformation of the prestigious Waterford Arts Festival, facilitated by Growl Media.
Nestled in the heart of Southern Oregon, West Coast Golf Academy has been a hub for golfers of all ages seeking top-tier coaching and training. The academy needed a fresh brand identity and a sleek website. Through a successful partnership, Growl Media revamped the academy's image and created a dynamic website to attract golfers from all around.
After a year of social distancing, bringing the community together was a tough challenge. But we did it! Our project, 'Let's Meet At O'Connell Street,' showcases how Growl Media and a collective of local businesses revived this historic street.
Park Chambers, an experienced accounting firm in Waterford, approached Growl Media to rebuild their website and enhance their brand. Growl Media created a brand strategy that focused on Park Chambers' bespoke services, highlighting their personalized approach. The modern, optimized website and new branding, including a logo and marketing materials, established Park Chambers as a leading accounting firm in Waterford. is a new online website for Waterford City that aims to showcase the sights, sounds and hidden gems that make us proud to live in the Deise.
Your Gateway to Waterford City: brings you closer to the sights, sounds, and soul of the Deise, offering an insider's look at Waterford City's unique offerings.
A traditional long bar, not changed since first crafted, scorched by whiskeys past! Serving since 1886, Thomas Maher, a pub of international renown, stands proudly in Waterford, Ireland’s oldest city.

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