Case Study

Gavin James

Case Study

A rising Irish star.

We worked with award winning Irish singer-songwriter Gavin James to connect with his audience on a new and deeper level with our enhanced iMessage stickers. Our focus was on creating unique, animated iMessage stickers that reflected Gavin's musical style and personality. We meticulously developed illustrations and animations, tailoring them to align seamlessly with Gavin's brand.

Capturing the Heartbeat of Music in Digital Stickers

Animating Gavin James

In our unique collaboration with Gavin James, we worked closely with him, engaging in direct calls and delving into his concert archives to capture his essence. This intimate process enabled us to infuse genuine emotion and character into the animated iMessage stickers. These personalized stickers not only deepened fan interaction but were also repurposed as Gavin's cartoon avatar in social media campaigns, enhancing his digital footprint and engaging audiences in a novel, interactive way.


The Work