Case Study

Thomas Francis Meagher Tricolour Celebration

Case Study

Celebrating the 175th Year of the Irish Tricolour.

The Thomas Francis Meagher 175th Anniversary Tricolour celebration was a momentous occasion that called for a visually stunning design to commemorate the event. From the intricate details in the portrait of Thomas Francis Meagher to the bold typography highlighting the seminal year, every element was carefully crafted to capture the essence of the occasion. The burst of color in the shape of the Irish map and tricolour was a perfect way to signify the celebration of this historic event.

See how Growl Media created the design aesthetic and process that was used to make this visually stunning design that successfully captured the significance of the Thomas Francis Meagher 175th Anniversary Tricolour celebration in Waterford.

A New Website

Despite the tight deadline, the team at Growl Media approached the website design with the same meticulous attention to detail as they did with the materials for the Thomas Francis Meagher 175th Anniversary Tricolour celebration. The clear design, look and feel was carefully crafted to reflect the significance of the occasion.

The team worked quickly and efficiently, breaking down the task into clear deliverables and identifying the best CMS for the job. They collated archival content and created new content that effectively communicated the importance of the event. The information architecture was designed to be simple and effective, ensuring that visitors could easily navigate the site and find the information they needed.

Despite the time pressure, the team at Growl Media delivered a website that was both visually stunning and highly functional. The site was launched before the invites to the press and dignitaries went out, ensuring that everyone had access to the information they needed in a timely manner.

The website will serve as a lasting legacy of the Thomas Francis Meagher 175th Anniversary Tricolour celebration, providing a valuable resource for anyone interested in the history and heritage of Ireland. The team at Growl Media can be proud of their contribution to this important milestone in Irish history.


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