Case Study

Thomas Maher

Case Study

Home of the Whiskey Mac

A traditional long bar, not changed since first crafted, scorched by whiskeys past! Serving since 1886, Thomas Maher, a traditional Irish pub of international renown, stands proudly in Waterford, Ireland’s oldest city.

Estd. 1886

Distilling 133 years of history.

Working on this brand was quite unlike other projects Growl had undertaken. With Thomas Maher and the Moondharrig House lied close to 200 years of history. A prolific Waterford family with a storied past was not an easy task distil into an updated brand look and feel. Thankfully after numerous sessions with the regulars in the pub, deep dive into the attic to sift through the various books, scraps of papers, newspaper articles we were able to piece together a style that stayed true to the original. 


The Work