Case Study

NASR Esports

Case Study

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In the highly competitive world of esports, it’s crucial to constantly evolve and adapt to stay ahead of the game. Despite having a performance-driven culture, NASR Esports felt disconnected from its online presence.

To address this issue, we conducted extensive stakeholder interviews to gain insights into the brand’s needs and aspirations. With this information, we were able to consolidate the brand and refresh it for growth, starting with the redesign and development of the NASR Esports website.

We have an aggressive roadmap in place to increase engagement with players, fans, and customers, and we’re excited about the future. Our efforts are focused on driving growth for NASR Esports.

The Work

Revolutionizing Esports: Growl Media's Game-Changing Transformation and Digital Strategy for NASR Esports

Growl Media's transformative partnership with NASR Esports is a testament to the power of strategic rebranding and innovative platform development in the esports industry. Faced with the challenge of modernizing NASR Esports' brand identity and enhancing its digital presence, Growl Media embarked on a comprehensive project encompassing a full-scale rebrand, development of an intuitive new website, and creation of an engaging academy platform.

The rebranding initiative was marked by a fresh, dynamic logo typeface and a vibrant colour palette, aligning NASR Esports with modern esports aesthetics. This visual overhaul was complemented by the establishment of robust brand guidelines, ensuring consistency and a cohesive brand voice across all platforms.

Growl Media's expertise shone through in the development of NASR Esports' new website, prioritizing user experience (UX) and seamless navigation. The site not only stands as a digital beacon of NASR's brand but also serves as a hub for esports enthusiasts and professionals alike. Alongside this, the academy platform was crafted to nurture emerging talent, offering a structured pathway into competitive esports.

Internal operations at NASR Esports were equally transformed. Growl Media implemented advanced internal training tools, enhancing staff skills and fostering a culture of continuous learning. This was paired with strategies to boost work productivity and efficiencies, streamlining processes within the organization.

The rebranding and digital enhancements have not only elevated NASR Esports' position in the esports arena but also underscored Growl Media's prowess in delivering cutting-edge solutions in brand strategy and digital innovation.


The Work