Case Study

WFYI.IE – Waterford. Your Way.

Case Study

Waterford. Your Way., a popular local online platform, underwent a significant redesign and upgrade to better serve the Waterford community. The refreshed brand incorporated a vivid color scheme and bold typography, resulting in a design that literally popped and captivated users. The revamped platform introduced new sections like “History & Heritage” and “Waterford Then,” blending current events and historical insights.

The improved user experience, characterized by the eye-catching aesthetic, facilitated easy searches for events, attractions, and businesses, while promoting local entrepreneurs and fostering a sense of community pride. remained committed to being a go-to resource for locals, showcasing the city’s vibrant offerings and encouraging residents to explore and support their community.

FYI. Fuel. Your. Imagination.

Our website covered everything from local events and festivals to attractions, profiles, music, nightlife, fun stuff for kids, and the great outdoors. We wanted to Fuel Your Imagination (see what we did there) and show you why we were proud to call the Déise our home.


The Work