We are a team of storytellers, designers, illustrators, developers and marketeers working together to tell stories differently. We balance the arts and disruptive technology to connect and engage with audiences in new ways.

Our Work

From content to original illustrations, animations and music, discover how our work has transformed these brands to create unique experiences.


AppyKids is a Growl brand, with a mission to create Smart Fun for Everyone. Designing high quality innovative edutainment content for young children around the world, apps, videos, books, toys and more.

Clarion School

Clarion School, the leading progressive American education in Dubai, is designed to support children’s creativity, character, collaboration and critical thinking.


See how Growl helped create an illustration & animation style that was uniquely “du” and capture the world of their customers and environment in a “du”stinctive” style.

Gavin James

See how Growl helped Irish singer songwriter Gavin James connect with his audience on a new and deeper level with our enahanced iMessage stickers application.


Energetic music, motivating environment, internationally certified trainers and state of the art facilities. Welcome to GFX, the premier group fitness experience in Dubai.

Klay Schools

Klay offer high-end preparatory schools catering to preschoolers and provide day care and after school services. They believe that children’s minds in their formative years are like clay and need to be provided the right environment to flourish.