Fetch JSON Endpoints plugin for WordPress

March 19, 2023

One of our projects got little out of hands dealing with JSON endpoints from various cloud services. We were hitting those endpoints on demand and paying a price literally for our laziness. Plus it was getting a little hard keeping track of all the endpoints we had setup in our code.

So over a weekend BBQ drinking a few beers we had an aha moment. Why not create a simple plugin where you can define these url end points, fetch and store those files locally in our uploads folder.

We took it a step further and created a custom post type called endpoints and extended it with ACF fields and native cron functions so that we could easily access this via a permalink system.

So now going to https://growl.ie/endpoint/omdb-game-of-thrones/ you can access the details for Game of Thrones from The Open Movie Database API.

Thanks to @Gary Swift for putting this awesome little plugin together and we hope people will like this. FYI – the only dependancy for this plugin is the fantastic Advanced Custom Fields plugin that sets up the fields we need.

Download this plugin from Github here