Introducing – Your pocket digital well-being assistant.

March 19, 2023 was born in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic when lockdown impositions were swiftly changing the world as we knew it. founder and digital entrepreneur, Dinesh Lalvani, acknowledged the unintended consequences to mental health and physical well-being, and recognised that good health and positivity could help make lives a lot more livable in these challenging times.

The website and Android and iOS app connect a broad range of users across age-groups, content preferences and geographies, becoming a go-to resource for ‘happy distractions’ – a mix of positive, productive and motivating content.

‘The happy hub’ (app-only) reminders encourage users to undertake a healthy, fun or productive activity, and earn a delightfully witty and colourful badge for each completed task.

The ‘Well-being’ blog features DIY and productivity articles, content for family and kids, lifestyle, entertainment, health, humour and lots more. 

Challenges’ keep the growing community engaged through periodic fun competitions entailing exciting prizes and social media fame. recently partnered with a charity initiative – the first of many more to come – to raise awareness and funds for underprivileged children hit hardest by the pandemic. continues to gain a following among anyone who seeks positivity and a balance of work, life, health and happiness in a time of unpredictability. We’ll continue to engage our community with tips, tools and features for staying fit, having fun online with family and friends, and encouraging well-being habits.

“These are unprecedented times. Now more than ever we have to focus on our mental health and well-being to be the best we can be.” Dinesh Lalvani, Founder –

About Deetox

At, we do our best to bring you everything you need to get through the day during the lockdown. We know it’s no walk in the park having to stay at home, but we’re here to make it that bit easier by keeping you entertained and bringing you the best well-being tips.

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