How Growl Media helped Waterford Shop Local

March 19, 2023

When the lockdown hit Waterford, it put an entire town into dormancy, much like the rest of the world. While it was known that the lockdown would end someday: what wasn’t known is how the city could restart its social and economic engine in the period after.

Even when the shutdown bound everyone indoors, the city council was making plans to help Waterford adapt to post-lockdown life. The plan involved everyone representing the city’s interest – businesses, consumers, citizens, the council, and a digital partner with a pulse on the city.

As the digital partner of choice to a number of brands and enterprises, and experience with local businesses, Growl Media was well-placed to help Waterford reach its social and economic goals, digitally. is how we talk to the people of Waterford.

For the Shop Waterford, Support Local campaign, we partnered up with Waterford Council, curating interviews with local retailers, both brand and merchandise design, a social media outreach campaign and a new Shop page on showcasing retailers products to help businesses get back on their feet.

At its heart, is a website that showcases the sights, sounds and hidden gems of the city, and introduces online visitors to the nightlife, culture, history and natural beauty of Waterford. That said, is not just another city-centric website, it’s an experience –a sounding board for people, a gateway to the local economy, a platform for solidarity and a working example of public-private partnership driven by people’s participation.

It features interviews, events, a detailed directory of local landmarks, attractions and activity centres, and a dedicated section where local shops and establishments list their business, take orders, elicit support and share their views on how the local economy can weather these unparalleled times.

We want you to know that there are lots of financial supports available to kickstart your business. If you haven’t already availed of them, now is a good time.

Waterford Business Supports Hub

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Growl Media not only designed and developed, we executed a 360-degree plan to make it a success – online and offline marketing, branding, social media campaigns, content production and content management. 

Growl Media is both, proud and humbled to help breathe life into a project that is enabling an entire town to adapt to a new normal as individuals and as a community. Together, Waterford is stronger!

Contact us today to see how Growl Media can help your business get back on its feet and work its magic.