Art Deccani. Blending Art Deco & Deccan Art.

March 19, 2023

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We were commissioned to work on a unique illustrative style for a heritage home in North Goa that was going to list on Airbnb. When we received the brief it took a while to nail the concept. The client wanted to showcase Indian Deccan art, but not in the traditional style.

These were some of the references we picked up from around the web as a base line.

We started our initial sketches and, whilst they were good, they lacked something that made them really pop out. We needed to infuse a little bit of playfulness into the concepts we were creating. We then asked ourselves, what if we took these traditional characters and placed them in a modern setting which people from Goa would be familiar with?

That’s when we thought of adding certain elements, like our main characters riding on a Bajaj motorbike (the Indian equivalent of the Vespa) or taking a selfie with their smartphone.

The sketches above were for a large vinyl decal wraparound to the old Godrej metal closets that were in the house. Rather than dispose of them, which would not have been environmentally sound, we came up with the idea of creating a statement piece for each bedroom using them as the canvas.

We were getting close but we still felt that something was missing from our concepts. It didn’t quite have the appeal that we were looking for and frankly felt a little flat. While we managed to get the Deccan feel in the artwork, it still did not have that wow factor. So we went back to the drawing board and looked up concepts that inspired us, and started to look more into the art deco style of paintings.

These concepts really did inspire us to rethink our approach. What we needed for our artwork was to add a sense of depth to it. Taking the Deccan art characters, but adding the depth of Art Deco to give the art a more dynamic feel.


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You can visit the Airbnb link below to explore the house and the artwork on display. If you like it, why not book your own Goan experience!

Visit Casa Palm Doors on Airbnb