Introducing COVID-19 ready online pub booking system

March 31, 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic threw life and business out of gear and now it’s time to embrace a new normal. But what does the new normal look like for Ireland’s pubs and their patrons?

Pub owners have questions like: will customers return, how do I maintain social distancing norms and comply with other government guidelines without compromising customer and staff safety and service standards; how do I plan ahead for staff, service and operational requirements? On the other hand, patrons are concerned how pubs will maintain social distancing, and will their favourite hangout provide the same experience it did just a few months back?

In response to the recent easing of nation-wide lockdowns in Ireland, Growl Media has devised a digital booking system to help pub owners return to business while complying with administrative guidelines and social distancing norms, and patrons to return to their favourite pubs without worry. Our experience working with Tom Mahers pub, a Waterford landmark, has given us valuable insight and experience into both the business side and customer needs.

Designed for pub owners, our booking system is simple, seamless and efficient – just the thing your pub needs as it takes small, uncertain steps in this early phase of reopening.

Make Booking Easy

The booking system is ready-to-use and easy to manage. Bookings can be up and running with just a bit of planning and minimal effort, along with customisations that are unique to your business. You can demarcate seating areas and seating capacity, reserve time slots and business hours for online bookings to match demand, and use custom messaging: all of which you can easily do via an intuitive interface. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution or a third-party vendor who gives little thought to your requirements and even less control over the system. We give you what you need to make booking a smooth, simple process.

Administrator View

For customers, booking online is quick and convenient. Upon successful booking, a customer is instantly notified onscreen and by email, while an email also goes out to the pub. A slot under booking is locked for five minutes to avoid duplication and to allow the customer time to enter information and pay online via Stripe payment gateway which supports cards and wallets, including Apple Pay and Google Pay. An upfront booking fee determined by the business ensures only genuine customers book.

Customer Booking Flow

For pub owners, the booking system provides a critical overview that helps with staffing projections and inventory requirements, business hours modification, and allows you to make other timely business decisions. Manage the booking system from anywhere at any time using a computer or smartphone – do it yourself or appoint a manager or staff member so you can focus on the decisions that depend on you.

If you think Growl Media’s booking system is for your business, please visit our demo website and try it yourself.