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How Growl Media helped Waterford Shop Local

When the lockdown hit Waterford, it put an entire town into dormancy, much like the rest of the world. While it was known that the lockdown would end someday: what wasn’t known is how the city could restart its social and economic engine in the period after. Even when the shutdown bound everyone indoors, the […]

Introducing COVID-19 ready online pub booking system

The COVID-19 pandemic threw life and business out of gear and now it’s time to embrace a new normal. But what does the new normal look like for Ireland’s pubs and their patrons? Pub owners have questions like: will customers return, how do I maintain social distancing norms and comply with other government guidelines without […]

Myopia dystopia

Part of a series of funny but dystopian illustrations in black and white covering topics such as pollution, global warming and virtual reality.

Fetch JSON Endpoints plugin for WordPress

One of our projects got little out of hands dealing with JSON endpoints from various cloud services. We were hitting those endpoints on demand and paying a price literally for our laziness. Plus it was getting a little hard keeping track of all the endpoints we had setup in our code. So over a weekend […]