Award Winning App Developer AppyKids Announce the Global Launch of Zee’s Word Adventures

Zee’s Word Adventures is the latest app in the very popular AppyKids Arabic Learning Series for children.

This fun and educational Arabic/English game is geared towards older children, ages 5 and above, who are learning how to read, write and spell words in Arabic.

This is the third app in the AppyKids Arabic Learning Series, children can progress to play this app after learning the Arabic alphabet in Zee’s Alif Ba and learning how to write each letter in Zee Writes the Alphabet.

“We are delighted to launch Zee’s Word Adventures, which continues our Arabic Learning Series apps. A key pillar of Appykids is to make learning fun and we overcame numerous challenges to ensure we did just that with Zee’s Word Adventures” said AppyKids founder, Dinesh Lalvani.

Zee’s Word Adventures is a learning app that children can interact with on their own or with the help of a parent or teacher.


Zee’s Word Adventures transports children around the world teaching them how to spell Arabic words. There are over 100 words currently available and each destination has a set of words attributed to it. The player has to spell each Arabic word set correctly within the allotted time before they can progress to the next level. The words are of varying difficulty and the player has their passport stamped for each level they complete, with a surprise reward.


  • Gamified method to teach Arabic words and spellings
  • Over 100+ words currently available with regular additions to the word list
  • Helps build Arabic vocabulary and understanding of Arabic word formation
  • High-quality animation and graphics
  • Child-friendly interface

Zee’s Word Adventures is free to download on the Apple App Store and comes with one word set ready to practice spelling. AppyKids offer a one-time unlock to access all current and future word sets so parents don’t have to worry about any additional in-app purchases.

Zee’s Word Adventures is an IOS first app.