AppyKids release Alfie’s Alphabet, their first Hindi alphabet learning app

AppyKids has launched their new app, ‘Alfie’s Alphabet – Varnmala’ a Hindi alphabet app with English support that teaches children the Hindi or Devanagari script.

AppyKids has added one more ‘edutainment’ app to their fast-growing repertoire. Alfie’s Alphabet – Varnmala is a free-to-download Hindi alphabet learning app with English support that teaches children the Hindi Varnamala. The app is for children aged 5 and under and is founded on the best educational principles and Indian preschool fundamentals to help young children learn the Hindi alphabet.

“With the popularity of the Hindi apps in our Alfie series and the recent successful launch of our Arabic alphabet app – Zee’s Alphabet, it was natural for us to have Alfie teach children the Varnmala. Alfie’s Alphabet goes beyond the traditional varnmala chart that our parents, my generation and now our kids generation are still being taught by. We want Alfie’s Alphabet to break boundaries by teaching kids in a fun and interactive manner, beyond rote learning; that’s why we’ve used primitive shapes and puzzles with every scene ending in a rewarding interaction.” says Dinesh Lalvani, CEO and founder of Growl Media, the parent company of AppyKids.

Alfie’s Alphabet – Varnmala features Alfie, an innocent little Indian boy with a sense of wonderment and curiosity for the natural world around him. Along with his animal friends and other catchy Indian-themed characters, Alfie helps children learn each Hindi alphabet and its related word whilst keeping children entertained.

Each alphabet scene also incorporates a puzzle activity that allows children to learn geometric shapes. Children match these shapes to their outlines to complete the form of the character associated with each Hindi alphabet and word. Take for example  (tha) for Thanedar (policeman), once the child has pieced together the Thanedar, he comes to life and blows his whistle to release a stream of ’s. Each time the Hindi alphabet is clicked on, the child hears pronunciation of the letter and the associated word. Every completed puzzle finishes with an interactive reward which further helps children to learn.

Neelam Mehta, a grade 2 Hindi teacher at Delhi Private School, Dubai has already provided amazing feedback upon using the newly launched app from AppyKids:“I think Alfie’s Alphabet is brilliant! It’s a fun way of learning, children will never forget the letters because of the creative interactive animations. My grandson would love this app.”

In total, Alfie’s Alphabet includes over 30 captivating animations for each Hindi alphabet along with audio pronunciations and easy to follow instructions for children.

Alfie’s Alphabet is now available to download for free in the Google Play.