AppyKids release their new Arabic writing app – Zee’s Alphabet

AppyKids launch their new app, Zee’s Alphabet حروف زي , an Arabic writing app that teaches children the Arabic script as per EYFS ( Early Years Foundation Stage) fundamentals.

AppyKids has added one more edutainment app to their fast-growing repertoire. Zee’s Alphabet حروف زيis a free-to-download Arabic alphabet writing app that teaches kids how to write in Arabic while having fun and fueling their imaginations. The app is for children aged 5 and under and uses observation, imitation and demonstration techniques to help young children learn the Arabic script.

“Learning how to write in any language is no small feat. Zee’s Alphabet is AppyKids’ first writing app and we are extremely proud of this project. Once again, we have successfully combined EYFS fundamentals with a good, healthy dose of fun and have created an amazing learning tool that parents and teachers will want to download.” says Dinesh Lalvani, CEO and founder of Growl Media, the parent company of AppyKids.

Zee’s Alphabet حروف زي features Zee, a curious Arab girl with an adventurous spirit who, like the great explorer Ibn Battuta, wants to discover and learn new things about the great, big world. With Ibn Battuta’s magic compass as her guide, Zee helps children learn how to write the Arabic alphabet and also learn new words along the way.

There are three steps to learning how to write each Arabic alphabet in the Zee’s Alphabet حروف زي  app – observeimitate and demonstrate.

First, you observe the Arabic letter being written by the magic chalk, so that you know how to correctly form the letter. Then, you imitate the magic chalk by writing freehand within the outline. Next, you demonstrate that you know how to write the Arabic alphabet letter more precisely. This time, precision counts and it is rewarded when the chalk line is replaced by a detailed, animated trail following your steady drawing technique!

Once the three steps are completed, you are directed to a playground scene where the animated Arabic alphabet letters come to life. Watch as the tineen (dragon) blows fire, the ghorilla (gorilla) goes bananas and the sarukh (rocket) prepares for take off! The unstructured tracing in the playground allows kids to reinforce their motor-skills and commit the written Arabic alphabet letter to memory through repetition and multisensory cues.

Zee’s Alphabet encourages children to learn through positive reinforcement, a key component in all AppyKids apps. At each stage of the app, audio and visual clues help children progress to the next step. They also receive a sticker once they successfully complete each letter. The stickers are collected in a virtual sticker book that serves as its own platform for more unstructured playtime.

In total, Zee’s Alphabet – حروف زي  includes 56 captivating games and animations of Arabic alphabet letters along with audio pronunciations and instructions for children to practice.

Zee’s Alphabet – حروف زي  is now available to download for free in the Apple App Store.